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NORON - LPR Software: Access Control Version


  • 98,2% Day - 99,2% night ability to read successful plate
  • Ability to read plates from side angles
  • If the same vehicle has more than one transition between two different times user is alerted with alarm
  • Black list
  • White list
  • Alarm with instant sms(SMS Server connection)
  • Sending mail
  • Integration with the barrier of the vehicle passing through the black list
  • Led panel integration and instant blacklisting


Records any vehicle plates, if the vehicle passes through reading camera point, system records it to database. All vehicles that is passing through controlled or uncontrolled crossing points; the camera will record data according to the ID of the base and transit point (date, time, vehicle license plate, vehicle picture).

Our Services

Security Products

Noron Teknoloji defines the security requirements for your products, so you have clear guidelines on how to make sure they are secure.

Security Software

Software build from ground up from Noron that offers high security level for buildings, parkings, highways, malls etc..

Video Analytics Solutions

Video analytics, or video content analysis, is the capability of automatically analyzing video through the use of software to detect and determine events.

IRSpots designing

Detailed design of IRSpots with IR Power LEDs while fulfilling all international standards

IRSpots manufacturing

Manufacturing of IRSpots with the best build quality and distances of 100m

Barrier Control Plate Recognition

Automatically control entry and exit of vehicles in whichever area you wish: parkings, buildings, government institutions..

Carpark payment plate recognition

Automatic payment with plate recognition for cars entering the certain area

Highway plate recognition

Plate recognition for vehicles on highway. Recognition for multiple cars with high speeds.


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Plate Recognition Software

Site Version

All vehicle plate records, user records and reports are made from the web interface management tools. Therefore, it provides easy of use..

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